The following attributes are assigned to the throat chakra:

* Communication * Growth * Creativity *

Its symbol is the lotus flower with sixteen petals.

The Vishuddha-Chakra (vishuddhi = purifying) is assigned to the thyroid gland, whose main function is to store iodine and produce the thyroid hormones thyroxine, which contains iodine. These are responsible for growth and maturation processes. The frequency (light)blue, which naturally also occurs in flowers and precious stones, represents the connection between heaven / earth and brings the body back into balance with the soul.

This color vibration is generally helpful during pregnancy, for all kinds of childhood diseases, overactive thyroid, problems with the vocal organs, infections, bruises, bleeding, and for infants with dental problems.

This color acts on the thyroid and thymus gland and thus directly on the metabolism.

Assignments on the physical level: This color frequency stimulates the metabolism and vitality. It promotes growth, calms the heart and is therefore appropriate in case of palpitations. Blue has a toning effect, is antiseptic and germicidal. Blue is cold, electric and has astringent potentials. It acts on the arteries, veins and capillary system and can gently raise blood pressure. Turquoise in particular is known as an anti-carcinogen (cancer-killing) and is extremely interesting in inflammatory diseases because it has cooling and calming properties. Light blue and turquoise reduces nervous tension.

Assignments on the psychological level: Blue is used when there is a lot of excitement and is excellent for manic depressive persons, especially during difficult moments. In emotional situations this color has a more calming effect than green. It is also interesting for meditation and spiritual development. Light blue calms the mind and controls the throat chakra, which is the creative center. For short-sighted people - be it mentally or physically - this color can be recommended in general, because it helps to direct the own ego to the outside and to live more in harmony with the environment. It helps introverted persons to break out of their shell.

If people are exposed to this color frequency for a long time, they can become tired and even depressed. It is therefore important to note that such persons should not wear blue clothing too often if they also have a lot of blue furniture. It is the color of truth, devotion, calm and sincerity. It is also related to intuition and higher spiritual abilities. Blue can promote loneliness, meditation and independence.

Diseases that can be treated with this color frequency: Blue cools the organism. It has a relaxing effect, calms over-energies and has antiseptic (infection preventing) abilities. It strengthens and balances the respiratory system and is helpful in cases of high blood pressure and throat problems in general. It is also extremely beneficial for the veins. It is especially helpful for childhood diseases, asthma, chickenpox, jaundice and rheumatism. It is one of the most universal colors for children. It can also help to develop intuition and alleviate loneliness. It arouses artistic expression and inspiration. The color vibration of turquoise helps to reduce tumors, regulates blood pressure, fever and infections. It neutralizes anger and hatred, cools the mind, the eyes and the pineal gland, which is responsible for the production of melatonin. Melatonin controls the day-night rhythm of the human body.

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