You would like to know whether a certain food possibly burdens your organism ? Then tune in as already described.

Relax. Now take the food you want to test in your left hand and hold it against your body at the level of the collarbone in the middle of the chest. All you have to do now is let your body "decide" whether it points forward or backward. If it is pointing backwards, you can assume that this product is currently putting more strain on your body.

If the body points forward, you can assume that the product currently has a strengthening effect. Of course, you can also ask yourself the following questions internally:

"Is this product generally good for my health?"
"Is it beneficial to eat this product regularly?"
"Would it be beneficial to refrain from eating this product?"

* * *

Test the effect of your clothing in this way as well. You will see that your body will give you clear indications whether "it" prefers to be wrapped with clothes made of cotton, silk, linen or synthetic fibers. It is also interesting to test colors in relation to the living or working area. Since you cannot take the colors in your hand, it is enough to imagine the colors or to look at corresponding objects.

Feel free to test different objects; be it objects that apply to the decoration or design of your environment, or jewelry. In this way you can of course also test energetic objects such as crystals, Bach flowers, Aura-Soma or tachyon products.

The test becomes interesting when you test, for example, the effect of radiation from cell phones ... or the electromagnetic field of your screen ... or your sleeping place ... or your workplace ... or the hotel you want to book for your next vacation ... or, or, or. Please be aware that the questioning is an extremely important component !

Therefore, only ask questions that can be clearly answered with a YES or a NO. Avoid unclear questions at all costs. To influence the test as little as possible, you can put the corresponding "answers" for example in small envelopes and then test these envelopes.

And now I wish you a lot of fun and success!

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