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My name is Marco-Raffaello Dozio and I have been dealing with health issues and holistic medicine on a daily basis since 1981.

My first steps were dedicated to the study of medicinal plants and the influence of precious and semi-precious stones on the body. In 1985 I completed the training Touch for Health (Kinesiology).

Card reading, palm reading, astrology, numerology, radiesthesia and other tangible and intangible techniques took and take a special place in my life.

For several years I have been practicing energetic work with the help of Aura Soma, Bach Flowers, BioGenesis and Tachyon energy. Shortly after the introduction of the European tachyon products in 1996, I was allowed to take responsibility for their development and manufacture one year later. These products are known today under the label BIOTAC LINE© and are described in more detail on the following WEB pages:

>• WEB-Shop BIOTAC Line
>• WEB-Shop Le Papillon Bleu

Consultations in French, Italian, English, German and Schwiizerdütsch.