Among other things, the Varuna Mudra acts directly on the sacral chakra. In Sanskrit, "Varuna" means water. This mudra helps to balance the water balance of the body. The lack of this element is manifested by dry mouth, red and dry eyes, and kidney dysfunction.

Place the thumb on the fingernail of the little finger while extending the index, middle and ring fingers. Regular practice of this mudra promotes "inner and outer beauty". Colds, coughs, asthma and sinusitis can be treated with this mudra. People with dry and cracked skin should use this mudra frequently. In addition, it is worth its weight in gold for people with low blood pressure.

Like the Apan Mudra, the Varuna Mudra is able to flush out impurities in the blood. It is also extremely helpful in the case of painful cramps of all kinds. This mudra is also known to balance the various malfunctions of the liver and, as mentioned earlier, seems to be able to positively stimulate all kinds of blood disorders.

Perhaps one of the most important mudras ever ?

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