How the ΩXΩ*CARD was created

It was July 5, 2022 when I turned to "my spiritual advisors" and asked them to transmit me a symbol; a symbol that helps one activate one's powers of self-healing ... just by looking at the symbol! A few minutes later, I made a black-and-white sketch in my store, which I transferred to my PC the same evening.

Upon closer inspection, images of mandalas came to mind; mandalas that were and are drawn in South America, India, as well as in Tibet. Only this symbol is nowhere near as complex. While I looked at the symbol somewhat skeptically, " someone" whispered in my ear: "Often the simple "things" are highly effective!".

Fusion: A few days later, "the voice" contacted me again and told me that it would be interesting to produce a new ENERGY*CARD with this symbol. The existing GRREN*CARD would make an excellent information carrier and booster. "Oh, what a beautiful idea," I thought. No wonder, because the GREEN*CARD water crystals are - in my opinion - by far the most wonderful and mystical I have ever seen.

Activation of your own self-healing forces: Hidden in our DNA and in our cells are "sequential codes" just waiting to be "awakened".

The ΩXΩ*CARD offers various application possibilities.

Place the ΩXΩ*CARD on your forehead ... or solar plexus ... or on any part of your body that speaks to you ... or hold it between your folded hands as if you were praying.

Also use it to inform water by placing a glass (or carafe) of fresh water on this card while pronouncing the following "instruction":

« Drinking this water will activate my inherent
self-healing powers
» !

You can leave the card under the glass (carafe) all day.

Just fill it up with fresh water from time to time ;-)

Honestly ... I can't tell you what this application will do for you, because I don't want to make false promises. Based on my 25 years of experience with tachyon products, I assume that interesting moments will surely arise. In any case, I wish you a lot of joy, fun and success with this special ENERGY*CARD !

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