Don't be afraid of magic ;-))

Magic, like many other things in this world, can be used for a wide variety of applications.In my opinion, magic is comparable to a pencil ... or a banknote ... or a knife ... or, or, or.

A pencil offers a multitude of possible uses:

>• I can write a love letter with it ...
>• I can use it to write a shopping list ...
>• I can scratch my ears with it ...
>• I can use it to write a farewell letter ...
>• I can use it to write a letter of resignation ...

>• etc. etc. etc.

What I want to emphasize is that I can use the pencil to do something concrete; the pencil itself, as long as I don't pick it up, does NOTHING! Nothing at all!

It's exactly the same with magic: as long as I don't take action, nothing happens. However, if I decide to use magic, I must do so with the clear intention of not causing anyone any discomfort. If, on the other hand, I decide to do things with magic that are not benevolent ... I have to reckon with the consequences sooner (or later). Be it consequences that I may experience in this life ... or in another. Everything clear?

The information I have published in this section can - in the broadest sense - be considered "magical". Just let yourself be surprised.

>• Saint Germain
>• the Master Healer and the Head of the Light Healing Workers

>• VITA*SOMA Tachyon water
>• sensational for everything related to the skin

>• Amulets & Talismans
>• Alchemy

>• Rainbow Light-Beamer
>• Quantum healing with tachyons and colors

>• Soul-Star
>• the magic of Masaru Emoto

>• Grigori Grabovoi
>• magical number sequences

>• Runes
>• Geometry and magic

>• Wisdom from the Far East
>• Baird Spalding