Carefully documented kinesiological muscle tests carried out in summer 2023 have shown that the person being treated does NOT have to take off their clothes during the treatment! A fact that astonished our team.

Apparently, the energy spectrum of the Rainbow Light-Beamer primarily influences the aura of the person being treated ... and indirectly the physical body.

Of course, the Rainbow Light-Beamer can also be used on specific areas. If the person being treated complains of knee problems, for example, the knee can be illuminated from all sides with the Rainbow Light projector.

Duration of treatment: We have found that the duration of treatment is often very short (a few minutes). Our advice: test the duration of the treatment beforehand with a kinesiology muscle test or radiesthesia.

Choice of colors: The same applies here: test the color before the treatment with a kinesiological muscle test or via radiesthesia! It is also possible that different colors can be used during one treatment.

Furthermore, applications via the palm of the hand and the soles of the feet often show amazing results in a very short time.

Energetic room cleansing: It has been established that the Rainbow Light projector can be used to "clear" rooms of harmful energies. The color red has proven to be particularly interesting in this regard. The same applies here: test the color with a kinesiological muscle test or radiesthesia before cleaning the room!

Applications in animals: no information is currently available in this regard, as no animals have been treated with the Rainbow Light-Beamer to date (as of January 2024).

Conclusion: The Rainbow Light-Beamer should be used with caution.

Safety note: As the light beam of the Rainbow Light-Beamer is very bright, NEVER shine it directly into the eyes!

>• Theory of colors

>• Red * Muladhara-Chakra
>• Green * Anahata-Chakra
>• Indigo blue * Ajna-Chakra
>• White

>• Use of the Rainbow Light-Beamer

>• Technology