The basic principle of meditation is to observe your inner processes: thoughts, emotions, fears, desires, memories, dreams. Meditating can help you to get to know yourself better and to find more calm and inner peace. The two terms "meditation" and "medicine" have the same origin; both are branches of the phrase "that which heals". For that which makes us healthy is medicine; on a higher level, meditation. The term meditation comes from the Latin meditari, which symbolizes reflection.

When we dedicate ourselves to meditation, we purify our minds and accumulate wisdom.

In order to make it a little easier for interested people to find their way into their inner self, I offer a small but fine selection of tachyonized objects that are designed to allow more light to flow into one's own meditations. The products are intended to help you feel that the solutions are inside your own body and have not manifested outside.

PS: This category naturally also includes the Color Essences and the Quintessences from Aura-Soma!

>• ATLAS-Sticks
>• ANIGMA-Cylinders
>• SiLICA-Hemisphere
>• Tachyon-Spheres
>• I AM - Time capsule

>• Aura-Soma * Colour Esssences
>• Aura-Soma * Quintessences

>• BioGenesis * BioTranslator