In this section I present five alchemical tachyonized essences that have the following themes:

>• inviting chance into one's life •<
>• increasing personal consciousness •<
>• self-healing •<
>• strengthening the personal aura •<
>• time travel •<


The basis of all Auric sprays is an alchemically produced mother essence. To produce it, the ingredients are stored in special glass containers with tachyonized water and pre-informed. In a second step, the 30ml bottles are filled with distilled water and a precisely defined proportion of pre-informed essences and tachyonized again.

I have been bottling all essences exclusively in Miron© violet glass since 1996. This is a unique bio-photonic glass for natural products. Its special properties protect them from the harmful effects of light, prolong their shelf life and revitalize their effectiveness.

How do I choose the best spray for me?

Ready ? OK ! I ask you to concentrate and internalize the following sentence:

" I now intuitively choose the most optimal spray for my well-being ... even if I don't know it ! "

Then I ask you to intuitively click on the image that catches your attention. After clicking, you will be automatically redirected to my web store where the selected spray is described in detail.

You will see: You will choose the "right" spray ;-)

PS: I have also published detailed information on the individual sprays in the following sections.

>• Application

>• AURIC Spray * H8
>• AURIC Spray * Q-DO
>• AURIC Spray * Q-RY
>• AURIC Spray * Quel Hasard !
>• AURIC Spray * R8