Whether all the dilemma about this "extraordinary disease" we may not forget the fact ...

... that the busy physician has neither the time nor the inclination to read EVERY publication on this subject that is available on the market ... even if it may seem bitter.

TODAY (I write these lines in the middle of March 2011) practically ALL humans have access to knowledge, which was inaccessible still 30 years ago. Certainly, there may exist for better or worse information that lacks any basis. Nevertheless, I urge you to be critical but curious and try to go also once unusual ways.

Holy banana ! Seek and you shall find !!! ... provided that you are not afraid of mice ...

Perhaps the learned serves to help others. That would be something, ... wouldn't it ? We must now finally get rid of the superstition that this disease is incurable. Again : Holy banana !!!

X-thousands of people who have been confronted with this diagnosis have fortunately found a way to "fight" this disease and eventually be free of it. And, even if it may not seem so to you, very often with the help of doctors. OK, they may have been people who thought beyond what they had learned and were open to integrating new or even old things into their practice.

Analogous to an older advertising spot: Nothing is impossible ! So, let's go for it !!! ... or do I still have to tell you the story of the "miracle man" ?

No, I leave that to you. You can find it in the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne.

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