Interesting feedback on the use of a specific number sequence from Grigori Grabovoi

On September 14, 2019, I met "by chance" a long-time customer during lunch at the newly opened Tibetan restaurant "Petit Tibet" in the old town of Vevey. We discussed this and that in a good mood. Quickly, the subject of money came to the fore. Since she separated from her ex, she is in a rather unusual situation for her. Before the divorce, money was never a topic of discussion for her and her children.

I told her about Grigori Grabovoi and the many possibilities that each of us can take in hand with relatively little effort. As she had relatively little time, we left after a few minutes.

The next day, Sunday 3:54 pm, I received the following WhatsApp from her:

Hi there - nice to bump into you yesterday. Everyone loved the momo's!! Please could you send me the numbers thing you were talking about. I would be very interested especially now. Thanks so much and have a nice Sunday afternoon. Best. K.

On Tuesday, September 17, 2019, I replied to her at 10:42 am:

Hi K. Why don't you check on internet by yourself: Grigori Grabovoi did publish lots of "magic number sequences" about health and wealth. Lots of info is also to be found on YouTube Very interesting !!!

She then answers me:

Oh sure. Will do thanks. Sorry I thought you were sending me something. No worries. Have a great day. See you soon.

I answered her as follows:

OK: here are two sequences: Financial abundance: 318 798. Nothing is impossible: 519 7148.

I sent her the following photos with the above text:

To be put under a glass of water … and drink of this informed water … … or write the sequence on your skin …

In response, she wrote me:

Ok. Very interesting. I like the disc and the glass too!! Thank you so much. I'm going to look all this up now. If ever there was a need it's absolutely now!!

I replied:

May the Force be with you! And don't hesitate contacting me. Lots of success … and pleasure, too

To which she replies:

Thank you and all the very best to you, too.


Then, a good two months later, on November 9, 2019, I receive the following information from her:

Hello hello. I just want to thank you so very much for sharing. I looked up Grigori Grabovoi and something drew me to "unexpected money" and it has been amazing. Really amazing. The doors that have opened for me after using the sequence are incredible. So I just wanted to share that with you and thank you. Hope to see you at Petit Tibet or your lovely shop soon. Have a wonderful Sunday. All the best. K.

Here are some sequences by Grigori Grabovoi that might be of interest ;-)

520 741 * Unexpected money

520 741 8 * unexpected money

520 897 741 * multiple income

318 798 * financial wealth

1888948 * Convert all negativity into positive energy

289 471 314917 * promote the economic development of any endeavor

1001105010 * peace

88888588888 * health for everybody

97132185191 * inner goodness ... also towards oneself

If you like, you can use this drawing as a template.

Where I have drawn so many dots, you can write A) your name... or B) your date of birth... or C) both.

Then place this " image " under a clear glass of fresh water... and drink this informed water regularly... without forgetting to refill the glass or carafe regularly with fresh water.

You can also write the name of a project at the top... and the sequence of your choice underneath. Have fun... and success!


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