On the occasion of a Feng Shui consultation in the residence of an entrepreneur, something incredible (not for me) and confusing happened to the landlord.

Before he allowed me to start the consultation, he asked me for more information and, above all, proof of the effectiveness of our Tachyon products:

"It wasn't my idea to contact you, my wife did. But frankly, I do not believe in that hocus-pocus at all."

After more than an hour of explanations (time is money), I had the idea to offer him what he wanted: clear evidence. So I asked the landlord:

"Do you have a good bottle of wine that you could "sacrifice" for a little experiment?"

"I beg your pardon?" he answered a little bit rude. "Hmm" … I answered. "I could perhaps prove to you with this little card (VITA*CARD) that Tachyon energy is something real, even if it is not visible!"

Immediately he turned his had away and asked his wife (it sounded very commanding): "Sweetheart, please go and bring us the Château Margaux that we opened last night." And, with a mischievous smile, he added:

"Let's see if you can show me something special!" I suggested that the landlady should carry out the test in the kitchen by taking two glasses, pouring the wine into two glasses and place one of them on the little violet VITA*CARD. "Five minutes should be enough," I told her. The consultation then continued until I was suddenly interrupted by the landlord: "Time's up! Five minutes! Honey, please bring us the wine, will you".

Well, and then the "incredible thing" happened (once again). The landlord tasted the first glass -in a way, as a connoisseur usually does- then the second glass. "This is impossible! Did you really pour the same wine in both glasses?". He then stood up and handed me the two glasses with the words: "Voilà, taste them!" "From your glass?", I asked. "Yes" he replied. "Don't be afraid. I'm not sick!".

To cut a long story short. Since then (and after finishing the Feng Shui consultation) two more satisfied customers were added to my portfolio. In vino veritas ;-))

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