Lime green is a mixed color between emerald green and lemon yellow and therefore works primarily in the area of the stomach, lungs and spine. This color contains similar potentials as the color "crystal yellow" and "emerald green". Plant sprouts are without exception at home in this color spectrum. Therefore the main potential of this color is to make "things" grow.

The color lime green is often used to make projects sprout or to support new beginnings.

This color helps to create the necessary space to feel comfortable and also to recognize when you are on the "wrong track" or when a matter turns out to be a deception. The mixture of yellow and green helps to accept light and warmth and to spread trust. The yellow portion of this color refreshes and brings clarity to every situation.

The green part opens the heart and makes it easier to realize your own ideas. Lime green helps you to relax better, relieve pressure and feel more comfortable with yourself.

Energetically speaking, this color can be supportive in the following situations:

>• if I often think: "I can't do that"
>• if I do not dare to be more successful
>• if it does me good to get help "from above
>• if I do not take advantage of opportunities
>• if I don't say what I want because of fear

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