EFT can help people regain a better quality of life in a wide variety of problem areas !

Even though EFT is basically a self-help tool, I would like to point out here that EFT is an extraordinarily powerful method which of course should not be handled "lightly". It is therefore advisable to learn EFT in a safe setting; because if deeply emotional issues arise, working with an accomplished professional is recommended!

EFT has proven to be extremely effective in practice in the following areas:

>• fears and phobias
>• anger and aggression
>• chronic pain
>• grief and sadness
>• addictions and dependencies
>• self-worth and self-confidence
>• mental / physical peak performance
>• unprocessed experiences / traumas

Our unresolved negative emotions are the main trigger for the vast majority of physical pains and illnesses. Let's just knock them away ;-)

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