A wise investment with an amazing effect!

The GOLD*CHIP Disc is designed to protect from electromagnetic radiation that penetrates the building from outside:

>• Mobile phone antennas: 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS), 4G and 5G
>• Parabolic antennas / satellite dishes
>• Train, streetcar and trolleybus lines
>• High-voltage power lines

To protect against these influences, the GOLD*CHIP Disc (pure crystalline silicon, Ø 17cm) is placed inside the living or working area on the wall or window facing the source of interference.

Farms that are affected by newly installed high-voltage power lines and mobile phone antennas can be protected by GOLD*CHIP Discs. Feedback from our customers has repeatedly shown that the cows then give milk normally again and the death rate at birth is practically neutralized.

As I said: A small investment with an amazing effect!

Railroad lines: It may sound like an exaggeration not to live in the immediate vicinity of railroad lines. However, the backflow from the railroad lines contaminates entire neighborhoods!

However, a good third of the return current does not flow back via rail and underground cable, but via the ground, where it seeks the path of least resistance: e.g. metal pipes for water and gas supply, causing immense corrosion damage. However, the greatest damage is caused to humans, animals and plants. The magnetic fields in the vicinity of railroad lines can - depending on the distance to the lines - have magnetic fields of up to 8000nT. Just by the way: a magnetic field of "only" 300nT (NanoTesla) is enough to severely impair the natural ion exchange between the cells of our body!

A few years ago, a new service was introduced for rail passengers: Antennas for cell phones. This allows passengers to benefit from perfect reception for their calls. And, depending on where you are sitting, the reception is even better thanks to so-called repeaters. If this appeals to you, I recommend that you wear an AURA-Shield or a GOLD*CHIP Médaillon.

Streetcars and trolley buses: If you live directly next to a streetcar or trolley bus line, similar statements apply as for the train lines. Here, too, I often find that my customers complain about sleep disorders. Your treating doctor has no easy task with such patients, as their recurrent behavior rarely allows for improvement.

PS: A relapse (lat. recidere ) is the recurrence or relapse of a disease or its symptoms. This typically occurs after a treatment that was successful in the first stage. In most cases, the application of a GOLD*CHIP Disc can provide the necessary relief within a very short time.

Mobile phone antennas: "Clever" companies are now cleverly camouflaging their antennas. In 2004, for example, I was informed by my sales partner in South Africa that new, beautiful "palm trees" had appeared "overnight" in several districts.

On closer inspection, it turned out that they were made of plastic and that there happened to be new, small transformer stations nearby.

High-voltage power lines: For many years, the health risks posed by high-voltage power lines have been constantly investigated and, surprisingly, played down time and again.

Just as manufacturers of cell phones cannot yet admit that mobile phone radiation is harmful to health, the operators of transmission masts are currently still denying the harmfulness of radio waves.

Parabolic antennas / satellite dishes: Parabolic antennas, also known as antenna dishes or satellite dishes, concentrate microwave radiation at the focal point of the parabolic reflector. There, the radiation is detected by a detector (horn radiator) and passed on.

This is another "thing" that is indispensable for technology and our everyday lives, but which, according to the manufacturers and distributors, does not produce electrosmog. Practice shows, however, that many people experience sleep disorders and other symptoms.

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