Here are a few more tips that can help bring a little more magic into your everyday life: the mudras.

I have already told you that there are energy pathways everywhere in the body in the Meridians section and in the EFT section.

If you know which points to which organs can exert very specific influences, you can help yourself anytime and anywhere to alleviate certain problems by integrating the knowledge about the mudras.

However, on the next pages I will also introduce you to mudras that you may not know. Let's start with the mudra of the tragus. The tragus is the small cartilaginous mass at the auricle, which is located just in front of the auditory canal. In modern humans, this part of the body is not (no longer) muscularly mobile; unlike many bats, where the tragus can close the ear canal.

This much is revealed to you: this place contains an important energy component. The following exercise serves to invigorate the inner ear and strengthen the sense of hearing. Furthermore, stimulating this point serves to treat local pathologies;

for example, sporadic ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and problems with the middle ear.

If you have problems in this regard, or if you want to strengthen your sense of hearing, press the tragus relatively hard against the opening of the ear, as if to block the auditory canal, and then release it with a spontaneous movement. In case of chronic problems repeat this sequence 18 times. You can do this exercise several times a day ;-)

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