from dark foreboding ... to conscious sensitivity

Aspen helps people with fears and anxious premonitions. A memorable image is the leaves of the aspen, which move at the slightest breeze. Do you know the expression "trembling like aspen leaves"?

People who need aspen are very sensitive, sensitive people. They often have a sixth sense. In a positively balanced state, they go through life with a sense of security. Deep intuitive intuitions, miracles, revelations in dreams help these people to go their way. They are often accompanied by a deep trust in the "divine order". Their soul dives deeper into subconscious knowledge. They fearlessly submit to fate and are always in search of personal truth.

In the negative Aspen state, these people have lost their "basic trust". Their high sensitivity can turn into hypersensitivity. Their intuitive knowledge is covered by fearful premonitions. Unclear, intangible fears become widespread. This often results in nightmares or panic attacks that suddenly strike people for no apparent reason. The anxious feeling of being helplessly at the mercy of a situation can also be relieved by Aspen.

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