Saint Germain

Since I was allowed to channel the first information - especially about the production of tachyon products - via "him" (I think) in 1996, I have been in direct or indirect contact with "him" (I think) on a daily basis. More unconsciously than consciously. If at all.

"Put awareness, care and quality into every moment, into every doing and into every "non-doing", and they will spread exponentially, moment by moment. The more you practice planting the right seeds, the more likely the right seeds will sprout."

The Violet Flame of Saint Germain is the flame of transformation. As an Ascended Master, he helps to materialize star energies from the angels and the world.

The signature tune: Viennese waltz by Johann Strauss. In particular the Danube Waltz (On the beautiful blue Danube). The Vienna Philharmonic's New Year's Concert is the most famous New Year's concert in the world and begins with the Danube Waltz. What a coincidence.

Earlier incarnations and works of Count St. Germain: Joseph of Nazareth (father of Jesus), St. Alban of England (~300 AD), Merlin, Roger Bacon (1211 - 1294, English philosopher and naturalist), Cristoforo Colombo (1451 - 1506), Christian Rosencreutz, Francis Bacon (1561 - 1626, alchemist, philosopher and author) ...

Please forgive me for keeping the information in this section so brief. The first information I read about "him" was in one of Helena Petrovna Blawatsky's books. Later, much later, I read the book "The timeless life of Count Saint-Germain * The revenant * Who knows everything and never dies" by Peter Krassa ... and in between I was given the "Unveiled Mysteries" by Godfré Ray King, translated into German, which are still in my possession.

I only briefly skimmed over further "information" about "him" ... I was soon made aware of Franz Bardon ...

Saint Germain ... Infinite dimensions open up. Dimensions that overwhelm my mind a little when I try to delve deeper into them ;-))

Saint Germain

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>• the Master Healer and the Head of the Light Healing Workers

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