In 1995 our team started to develop the first European Tachyon products. At that time they were introduced on the market under the label MATERIA TACHYON©.

In 1997 I had the pleasure of channelling a lot of information on how future Tachyon products can be informed through a new procedure. These products were presented in Switzerland and then abroad under the label ABEIEZ TACHYON©. The new Tachyon products were then marked with a heptagram (the symbol of divine perfection) representing - among other things - the energy of the Ascended Master Saint Germain.

In 1999 I channeled more detailed information regarding the manufacturing of Tachyon products. This new generation of Tachyon products was named FΩSTAC. I created this name from the two designations FΩS (light, in Greek) and TAC (abbreviation of the word Tachyon). Even though I was the co-founder and eponymous of this company at that time, there is no direct contact with this company today ... because in the year 2002 the spiritual world forced me to leave this company. Shortly afterwards I was able to introduce a new generation of Tachyon products; today known under the label BIOTAC Line©.

This new range of Tachyon products, for which I have created a new logo (shown below ... thanks to the suggestion of a very kind customer), is - in close cooperation - developed and distributed by myself and my valuable partners in Germany, the company TerraLine GmbH.

Tachyon products manufactured by our team act as antennas that can attract high (celestial) frequencies. Applied to living beings (humans, animals and plants) these superluminous frequencies and vibrations can provide and wrap all organisms with highly beneficial vital energy. Tachyons can be referred to as a "subtle source of rebalancing".

If disharmonic influences are present, Tachyons can often transform these energies in no time at all. For this reason, it is not surprising that many holistic physicians and therapists appreciate the interesting properties of our products ... and apply them for themselves and their patients.

Healthy cells and cell structures have a magnetic charge that attracts Tachyon particles and converts them into biological energy (in the form of usable electrons).

When a cell grows abnormally, inflammation and an imbalance in the sodium-potassium ratio occurs. These cells are then no longer able to convert enough subtle energy, which gradually causes them to suffer from a lack of energy.

When an unhealthy cell is no longer able to transform energy into usable biological energy, Tachyons can reverse the entropy (disorder, confusion) of the unhealthy cell and restore order. In many cases the cell can be rebalanced and increasingly recover.

Today we are exposed to many disturbing factors. As a result there are more and more imbalances with both physical and psychological consequences.

Our BIOTAC Line© Tachyon products could be an interesting way to largely absorb external stress factors ... in order to promote and stabilize health in the long term.

Blonay (Switzerland), september 2002
Marco-Raffaello Dozio

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