from shock ... to reorientation

Star of Bethlehem helps to process shocks and is the most important flower in the Bach flower mixture "Emergency Drops". Please do not confuse shock with the medical term of the same name! Shocks are all direct effects on our body or soul, such as terrible news, shocking experiences, accidents or even surgical interventions.

The negative Star of Bethlehem state is often not so easy to recognize. It is an inner refusal to actively participate in life. The soul has shut down so that it no longer has to feel. In this way, however, a lot of indigestible things accumulate in the personality; the barrel is filled to overflowing. Even the smallest energetic demand is then too much for this person.

As nobody is really free from traumatic experiences in this day and age, this flower is often needed. In addition to Holly and Wild Oat, Star of Bethlehem also helps if a flower mixture does not have the necessary effect. Star of Bethlehem gives the person who needs it back their emotional resilience and inner vitality and helps them to recover after shocking experiences.

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