from knowing better ... to better understanding

We all know the negative Beech state. How often do we realize that we have made an unjustified judgment about another person? How often do we lack tolerance towards those who think differently? Aren't we all more or less inclined to scrutinize our fellow human beings and judge them according to strict criteria without being aware of their feelings or needs?

A typical negative Beech condition is, for example, the collective condemnation of social classes that do not correspond to our own. (Problems with foreigners, condemnation of the so-called poor by the rich and vice versa, etc.). The negative Beech state is often found in people who have suffered humiliation, hatred or damage to their self-esteem. In order to find relief from their own painful feelings, these negative feelings are repressed and projected onto other people.

A person who has stepped out of his negative Beech state has realized that he himself is only a small cog in the great clockwork of God. If they do their job well, they have fulfilled their own contribution to the success of the big picture. However, we are all only able to judge the tasks of our fellow human beings inadequately. This realization helps people to move from their over-critical attitude, which constantly sees the faults of others, to a relaxed and friendly attitude towards all fellow human beings.

According to the motto "as you call out into the world, so it echoes back", life is now enriched by the reactions of the environment to one's own behavior and freed from aggression and inner hardening. Instead of arrogant people, we now encounter loving and tolerant fellow human beings. Understanding for the most diverse types of behavior makes us a cosmopolitan being with spiritual acumen.

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