1968, what times those were: To overtake on the Swiss highways, we briefly swerved into the left lane ... and then we continued driving in the right lane. Traffic jams? Only when we went on vacation. Otherwise: easy, relax ;-)

Today? When I enter the search criterion "traffic jam highway" on my computer, GUUGL shows me about 442,000 results ;-( Holy Banana!

If I'm traveling on Swiss roads and want to avoid traffic jams, interactive maps - such as those from the TCS - can help to keep me informed about the current traffic situation, any roadworks on the roads and parking in Switzerland around the clock.

But to be honest, how many of us take the time to make use of this interesting and helpful service? We know exactly how it works ... don't we?

For people who have to travel long distances every day or for those who spend a lot of time in their car, I offer one of my favorite products ... or two of them: MOTAC Feng Shui and MOTAC Electro. The idea was born in the spring of 1998, so it's been a while since I was able to offer these two helpful and extremely affordable products ... which have already helped many people to make driving a lot more pleasant.


At first glance, many people don't seem to realize that drivers can't get by without electricity, because where does it come from? From the battery, of course. However, to prevent the battery from discharging, it needs an energy source - just like your smartphone - to give it a boost: the alternator.

The alternator (dynamo, generator) ensures that the car battery is constantly recharged while driving. The alternator, which is driven by the engine via a V-belt or V-ribbed belt, generates the power required for the ignition, the starter battery, the heating, the indicators, the car radio, the navigation system, the rear window heating, the seat heating, the windows ... and for x-other electrical components. Since up to 80 different electric motors are installed in modern vehicles, you can imagine that a relatively large amount of electricity has to be produced.

As current flows through the electrical cables and the above-mentioned components, electromagnetic fields are generated in the interior. Measurements of the magnetic flux density show that these electromagnetic fields are up to 500nT (nanotesla) and more. So what? ... you may be thinking.

According to current research, a magnetic field of 300nT (nanotesla) strongly impairs the natural exchange of ions between the cells ... which means that symptoms such as tiredness, nausea, headaches and loss of concentration can occur due to this disturbance in the "invisible interior of our body".

If you now think that the whole thing sounds a bit exaggerated ... mmmh.

Using pleomorphology (dark-field microscopy), which was developed in 1796, damage to the organism, such as that caused by electromagnetic fields, can be clearly shown in the blood count. The dark-field blood test is an alternative method for the early detection of diseases and for therapy monitoring. Special consideration is given to cell forms that live in symbiosis with humans in healthy blood and body tissue.

Symbiosis is the coexistence of different organisms for mutual benefit. We are familiar with this in the intestine, for example, which is colonized by many bacteria without which digestion could not take place. However, this symbiosis can be disturbed in the course of life by external factors such as hyperacidity, poor nutrition, environmental toxins and also by psychological factors such as stress. This disturbance of the symbiosis can be visualized with the dark field microscope. A few drops of blood are examined under special microscopes.

By attaching the MOTAC Electro silicon rondelle to the battery, electromagnetic interference fields are permanently repolarized. Frequent drivers, electrosensitive people and people suffering from motion sickness, especially small children, notice the difference immediately; all passengers feel significantly more relaxed.

The positive effect lasts for at least 10 years!

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The metal construction of the body acts like a Faradaic cage. One of the effects of this is that lightning cannot penetrate the interior of the car. The occupants are thus effectively shielded.

However, the body also shields against healthy natural radiation, such as negatively polarized ions. This leads to the occupants tiring more quickly and sometimes reacting with discomfort. Tachyon energy can be used to considerably increase the number of negatively polarized ions in any vehicle by attaching two MOTAC Feng Shui silicon rondelles.

The effect is immediately noticeable, as the body cells are stimulated with more oxygen. The two rondelles made of pure silicon are stuck to the windshield and rear window inside the vehicle.

Since its introduction in 1999, thousands of drivers and their passengers have already benefited.

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PS: We offer a 10-year functional guarantee for every MOTAC Electro and MOTAC Feng Shui. From the date of purchase!