from mental flabbiness ... to mental freshness

People who feel tired and exhausted may need Hornbeam. A typical sign for these people is that it is not a physical but a mental exhaustion. Too one-sided, top-heavy work with little variety and physical balance can lead to this condition. Students who are preparing for a comprehensive examination often experience this condition.

Another typical indication that Hornbeam is the right flower is the fact that the tiredness disappears as soon as a new, interesting task is presented to the person. A typical negative Hornbeam condition is the Monday morning grouch. When the alarm clock rings, this person has the feeling that it would be impossible for them to complete even a single task that day. But once the start is made, the whole mountain of work runs like clockwork.

People sometimes forget or forget to listen to their inner voice. They are stuck in an automatic rut in life. There are hardly any things left that make their lives interesting and worth living.

Hornbeam helps all mentally exhausted people to clear their heads again. By regaining awareness of their mental impulses, they also achieve a healthy level of activity and passivity. The joy of life and work returns. Thanks to the regained strength, the task they have started can be completed. Life becomes interesting, varied and worth living again.

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