sleep better * wake up feeling refreshed

The sphere can be described with a clear conscience as the most perfect form on earth. It is also omnipresent in the human body and the five platonic bodies also enter into a perfect symbiosis with it.

The Tachyon-Spheres, which we have been offering since the introduction of our tachyon products in 1995, can be used for various applications:

>• for meditation
>• in the field of Feng Shui
>• to harmonize electro-smog
>• for the suppression of earth radiation
>• for refreshing living and working spaces

These diverse options may seem a little excessive for many people. However, this is not the case !

Specific effects can be determined in advance in connection with the individual colors.

Manufacturing with the 5 elements

It may also be interesting to note that the 5 elements are omnipresent in the manufacturing process of the individually hand-made silicon spheres:

>• Earth ... Fire ... Air ... Water ... Akasha •<

>• Protection against electric smog
>• Feng Shui & Geobiology
>• Application examples

>• Color variants

>• Feedback * Finally a baby
>• Feedback * Sleep disorders