Food and drinks prepared with vitalized water
taste better and are healthier!

With the AQUIVATOR, we have been offering an effective and inexpensive option for drinking water vitalization since 1998.

The AQUIVATOR is a tachyonized water jet economizer that can be attached to any standard tap and revitalizes the water flowing through it. Thanks to the patented design, a lot of air is added to the tap water without any loss of comfort. The AQUIVATOR thus produces a pleasantly soft and splash-free jet and saves approx. 40% water and energy compared to conventional aerators; with regular use with hot water, it also saves heating energy.

The practical ball joint makes it easy to swivel the water jet through 360 degrees at an angle of 15 degrees. Thanks to its short length, the Aquivator is also suitable for shorter taps. If desired, you can remove the ball joint and only use the lower part with the filter. This also ensures the energization of the water. The Aquivator is suitable for taps with an external thread as well as for taps with an internal thread.

Economic and health benefits: This tachyonized water jet economizer helps to protect the environment with its resources, as it reduces water consumption from approx. 15 l/min to approx. 8 l/min! You are no longer dependent on buying expensive and low-energy mineral water and transporting it home from the point of purchase. The purchase of the AQUIVATOR will pay for itself in just a few months. In addition, food and drinks prepared with vitalized water taste better and are significantly healthier.

Pets and plants: Your pets are also sure to benefit from vitalized water. Tests show time and again that they instinctively choose revitalized water. People who are not blessed with green fingers will also find out that vitalized water also benefits plants ;-)

As experience has shown that the vitalizing and refreshing effect of the AQUIVATOR lasts for over 20 years, you (and your family) can benefit from refreshing and revitalized water for many years to come. I offer you a 10-year functional guarantee: from the date of purchase. It is amortized in a short time!

Scientific and energetic studies: The studies, all of which were carried out by independent specialist laboratories, speak for themselves; the water quality is improved enormously on both a chemical and biological basis! So that you can get an idea of the effect of our AQUIVATOR, we offer you the opportunity to read the studies commissioned by us via this link.

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Note: The AQUIVATOR is not suitable for unpressurized appliances (storage heaters, warm and hot water storage tanks, etc.)!

Test winner: The evaluations of the large-scale study by the Hagalis AG research laboratory, in which over 300 systems for the revitalization of drinking water were tested over a period of 9 years, have shown that our AQUAFLOW system with the AQUIVATOR achieved the top marks in terms of quality, efficiency, price and economy!

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