Experience with our customers has shown us that over the past few years, more and more employees in key positions have been confronted with the burnout-symptom issue.

In fact, it's shocking that today - according to current studies - around 70% of those questioned suffer from chronic physical and psychological exhaustion! One of the reasons for this may be the fact that virtually all of these people can no longer find a moment to relax, and can't fit in short breaks during the working day.

We well remember that in the 70's and 80's it was very common to integrate a break of about 15 minutes: either in the morning or in the afternoon. These breaks contributed in many ways to the well-being of all company employees, and thus directly to the company's success. These little "breaks" were used to eat and drink a little something and for interactive exchange on an interpersonal basis:

"doping" for body and mind ;-)

What's interesting is that these breaks took place during times when the human organism was busy with "digestion". In Chinese medicine, the time around 09:00h in the morning completes the "active cycle" of the stomach, while the time around 15:00h in the afternoon completes the "active cycle" of the small intestine.

Unfortunately, it seems to be the case that the "coffee-break" custom is no longer fashionable. Most people still don't realize that the cause of this problem is linked to the modernization of work tools.

The next question is for people who have earned their living in these two decades as a commercial employee: Do you remember your old faithful typewriter, with telephones with wires? No laser printers! No WiFi! No W-LAN! No cable salad! No cell phones!

No remote controls for anything!

The answer to this question is quite simple: during those two decades, the air wasn't as "polluted" as it is now. Since the 90s, the air in modern office buildings has been saturated with electrosmog and negatively polarized ions, produced by the vast amount of technical equipment and information exchanged through the ether.

The effects and symptoms of this form of chemical-electrical pollution on our bodies are published in the "Reactions to electrosmog" section.

In particular, people who have replaced their old cathode-ray tube screens with LCD/TFT screens are complaining of severe health problems.

Mobbing / Burnout

In practice, I have noticed time and time again that in recent years more and more employees in management positions have been confronted with the issue of burnout symptoms. What is really shocking is the fact that, according to recent studies, around 70% of the people surveyed today are clearly suffering from permanent physical and mental exhaustion! One reason for this may be that practically all respondents have no opportunity to take a short break during the working day.

Wearing an AURA-Shield has worked small miracles for many people.

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