To enjoy the potential effects of the ANIGMA cylinders, I suggest you take a stick in each hand, sit up straight (or lie down) and close your eyes. Allow yourself enough time for this type of "meditation" and don't expect anything. Relax and simply let the energy flow through and around your body. Relax.

As you have noticed, the ANIGMA set consists of three objects: two opal glass cylinders and an opal glass disc.

If you are doing the meditation lying down, you can place the ANIGMA disc on your forehead or navel and relax and simply let the energy flow through and around your body. However, you can also go one step further with the ANIGMA disc by repeating the following affirmations for a few minutes: "GOD is omnipresent in my body, in my soul and in my spirit". "My body, my soul and my spirit are flooded with divine energy!" "All my body cells are flooded with divine healing energy!"

You can imagine that there is a little sun in your body that shines ... and its rays spread to all parts of your body, illuminating all cells and that after a while you shine like the sun both inside and out. Have fun !

* * *

I would like to share a personal experience with you below:

You can call angels with the opal-colored ANIGMA disc. You can place it on any part of your body (with or without clothing) and imagine that the ANIGMA disc attracts divine, gold-colored, shining little angelic beings ... one after the other ... a really big flock ... and that these "little" angelic beings use the ANIGMA disc like a "stargate" and "dive" into your body and do everything that has to do with health or clarity, for example.

You can give them clear "assignments" with good knowledge and conscience, and they will help you. Just don't be shy ;-) Trust them!

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