Protect yourself from the harmful radiation
from the smart meter

Smart meters are about the same pointless nonsense as the EU's decision to ban old (healthy) light bulbs from the market. Did you know that energy-saving light bulbs contain the neurotoxin mercury? Here is the official statement from the FOPH (Swiss Federal Office of Public Health):

As long as the glass casing of the energy-saving lamp is intact, the mercury cannot escape and the lamp poses no risk.

Do I feel like discussing this ridiculous statement in more detail ?
No !

The Austrian documentary "Bulb Fiction" from 2011 takes the ban on the incandescent lamp as an opportunity to portray the power and machinations of the industry, as well as the resistance to the "Directive on the Regulation of Lighting Products in Private Households".

Basically, of course, it's about more than just lamps...

Back to the smart meter. Similar to the information I have published in the section radiation of mobile phones, I advise you to stick a GOLD*CHIP on the smart meter.

Scientifically documented physical symptoms that can manifest after the installation of a smart meter.

The diagrams below refer to studies carried out in Australia as well as in the USA ... and not just with 100 people!

In the meantime, thousands of people from our neighboring countries France, Germany, Austria and Italy are complaining about unhealthy conditions. And, how could it be otherwise, there are more every day.

Apart from sticking a GOLD*CHIP on the smart meter, I recommend putting a SiTAC*CARD in the fuse box compartment.

We developed them in 1995 to repolarize the entire electricity network of an apartment (A6 or A5 format), a family home (A5 or A4 format) or a business premise (A4 format).

The effect of the SiTAC*CARDs never ceases to amaze, especially electro-sensitive people ... and ensure, among other things, a better quality of sleep in a short space of time.

Scientifically documented studies carried out with the GOLD*CHIP.

The studies carried out in Switzerland using the method developed by Dr. Masaru Emoto and the results of the studies carried out by the Coghill Research Laboratories in England using human blood produced results that were classified as "absolutely impossible" from a scientific point of view .... ;-)

You can find the analyses under this link (

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