from demanding love ... to serene love

Positive Chicory people are loving people with a need to help and care for others. They are happy to offer help and advice to their family, friends and other people. This concern for others fills them with great joy. They love intense emotional relationships.

However, it is very easy for this disposition to become imbalanced in all of us. We then develop attitudes that are unpleasant for those around us, such as being overprotective or overly compassionate. We want to hold others down, patronize them or make them dependent on our feelings. Do you know the image of the "over-mother" who doesn't want to let go of her child, who falls into self-pity and emotional terror?

Chicory helps people to find their way back to real love; to love without expecting anything in return. Chicory helps to dissolve self-pity or jealousy. It is an important partner remedy and is often needed for neurotic parent-child relationships.

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