from hard-heartedness ... to magnanimity

Holly is the blossom of love. All feelings such as anger, jealousy, mistrust, envy, aggression and similar feelings are feelings of love that are out of balance and have turned negative.

Isn't it true that these negative feelings block our life energy and our emotional expression? These negative feelings always fall back on us and cause damage to ourselves. We can no longer recognize and enjoy the beauty of this world. However, these feelings of love that are out of balance mean that we cannot change our fellow human beings.

We react to restrictions on our self-development with aggression, anger and similar negative feelings. However, these restrictions are sometimes unavoidable due to social interaction. Holly will help us to react constructively again. We all need this wonderful flower from time to time to be able to feel the love within us and around us again. Only then can we continue to grow on our path through life.

Holly is a fantastic flower for married couples whose common love base is out of balance. When jealousy, hatred or other negative feelings make living together difficult, Holly helps to restore clarity and positive feelings.

Holly should also be taken when there seem to be too many flowers to choose from and a person cannot decide which flower is right for them. Holly will bring these people more clarity. Especially for extroverted people who like to come out of their shell, Holly is very suitable for making decisions.

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