EFT uses a set sequence of points on the fourteen energy meridians (channels on which life energy flows through the body) and stimulates them by gentle tapping.

At the same time, the mind is focused on the symptom and certain phrases (affirmations) are spoken aloud.

Acupuncture assignment of tapping points:

1) eyebrow (bladder)
2) corner of the eye (gall bladder)
3) under the eye (stomach)
4) under the nose (Governing Vessel)
5) chin (conception vessel)
6) clavicle (kidney)
7) rib (liver)
8) under the arm (spleen/pancreas)

9) thumb (lung)
10) index finger (large intestine)
11) middle finger (pericardium)
12) little finger (heart)
13) edge of the hand (small intestine)

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