In life, we are not always on roses ... a painful past, a difficult family life, a hostile work environment, or a void in our relationships can create bad blood toward those we believe are responsible for our misery.

Complaining about it verbally, especially when angry, is not necessarily the most optimal thing to do. We know it: anger is not the best advisor. Sometimes, out of anger, people say unpleasant and hurtful things; words that only poison an already difficult situation even more.

"Esoteric" sources (from the ancient Greek esōterikós: internal, belonging to the inner realm) recommend using the ritual of the "magic letter" in such cases: By writing down on a piece of paper your feelings and expressing your wishes, you can clarify things and prejudices.

I recommend to write the "Magic Letter" by hand; be it with a ballpoint pen, or a fountain pen ... it doesn't have to be a Mont Blanc ;-) ... but it may. Take an unlined sheet of paper; preferably a white one. Put all your emotions on the page; any resentment, everything you regret, your demands ... Everything that hurts or prevents you from living in peace.

The aim of this " letter " is not that it is read by the receiver. The " letter " is not sent ... it is burned! So: No hesitation or false shame. One empties his heart. The good, the bad ... one writes (says) everything ... LET GO !!!

The " Magic Letter " can be written to both living and deceased persons ... parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, teacher, neighbor, ex, etc. etc. You can write, for example, about your nostalgia of times past or about our suffering of not feeling loved ... You can write a " Magic Letter " to your partner, to your lover ... not hesitate to write even about the most delicate things. Things that you never dare to share out loud.

The " Magic Letter " can also be written to your employer, for example to complain about bullying at work, to ask for a promotion or to ask for a raise. The "magic letter" can also be addressed to a public authority, for example to ask for a tax reduction ... or to be granted THE apartment ... or any other request.

You can write a "Magic Letter" to support your application, for example. Of course, you can also write a "Magic Letter" for a person close to you (partner, child, friend ...). If you do not know to whom to write the "Magic Letter", you can use the following address: "to all whom it may concern".

You can also (whether you are a believer or not) write a "magic letter" to God, your guardian angel, the universe, etc. etc. to ask for protection and help, for example.

The goal is to write down (communicate) everything that goes through your mind, your demands, your expectations ... and to demand that the situation described ends in your favor.

Now, before you sign this "letter", even if the person to whom it is addressed may be (or was) absolutely obnoxious, you must not omit the most important part: that you forgive this person (for everything he has done to you) and that you forgive this person !!!!!!!!!!.

Now that you have put everything on paper that is on your mind, you read the signed letter out loud ONCE and then you burn it. The ashes are neatly collected and placed in a small bag (paper, plastic) and then taken out of the house; for example, into a public container, the contents of which are then disposed of by the municipality. In no case the ashes should be put in the toilet or buried !!!

Here is an example from my practice that played out like this:

The multi-millionaire, who has been suffering from severe asthma for a good 35 years.

One day a gentleman comes to me complaining of severe asthma attacks. About four to five a day! Could I help him? After testing (with the pendulum), a family problem comes to light as the cause. "Oh, that must be my brother. That asshole! Fortunately he lives over 4000 kilometers away. Fortunately I don't have to see this A..... see anymore!"

During all these years, he had already spent about 350,000 francs at doctors (after all, I can afford it) and swallowed various medicines ... but it didn't help.

When I suggested to him that he should try the "Magic Letter", he, after reading the "Instructions for Use", cried out loudly: "Never. I will never write that to him! The stupid ..... ."

OK, I thought to myself. "That's all I can do for you. Have a nice day!" A bit pissed (sorry for the expression) he then said goodbye.

A good 6 months later, I run into him: "Bonjour Monsieur X. How are you?" "Just imagine. My asthma attacks have decreased. Maybe I still have two three a week. I wrote a letter to my brother, but the last sentence (the one about forgiving, etc.) ... no, I can't do it!"

OK, I thought to myself. "Well, that's something after all. Have a nice day!"

A few months later, I run into him again, "Bonjour Monsieur X. How are you?" "Just imagine. I have NO more asthma attacks! And I met my brother recently. We're getting along great again. How can I ever thank you?" "Hmm, fifty-fifty?" "Excuse me?"

"Well, according to your statements, you've spent over quarter million without getting any benefit. I'm only asking for half. OK?" I should have filmed his face sometime. Fortunately, I said the whole thing with a mischievous smile.

Good luck ... and lots of success !!!

Best regards, Marco-Raffaello