from the needy toddler ... to an understanding adult

Heather is often referred to as the "needy toddler". People who need Heather are so caught up in their own feelings and world that they no longer perceive their fellow human beings and their needs. He came, saw and talked ... is a good description for people in a negative Heather state. Heather characters like to exaggerate, turning gnats into elephants. They often get very close to the listener, holding them close, almost as if they are afraid they might run away.

Heather can be a long-term remedy for people who have a strong need for self-expression, who need their people to be able to communicate with them. In social settings, they draw everyone's attention to themselves after just a few sentences.

We probably all fall into a temporary Heather state from time to time. When we are preoccupied with our thoughts and want to share them with other people, when we can no longer listen but need to communicate, this is a typical Heather state.

Heather helps us all to become a good, understanding listener again and restores our empathy for our fellow human beings.

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