EFT is based on the premise that the cause of our suffering and pain (whether emotional, cognitive, or physical) is always seen in a blocking disruption of the body's energy flow (CHI).

Gary Craig coined the following phrase to describe this: "The cause of all negative emotions is a disturbance in the body's energy system."

One advantage of the EFT technique is that it is no longer necessary to investigate where the problems are coming from. This, of course, requires creative thinking otherwise, since people of the Western world firmly believe that we must first know why and where something comes from before we can do anything about it. EFT assumes that for the first time it is not important to find out where the problem to be solved comes from and how it came about.

The fact that a debilitating reaction is present is enough. By means of EFT the blockage in the body's energy system is dissolved. The previously weakening reaction miraculously "disappears" often in a short time !

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