The earth is covered with about 72% water, the body consists of a good 75% water, the brain of about 85% !!!! The most amazing thing is the fact that a newborn baby consists of practically 90% hexagonal water and that its body even only a short time later still consists of a good 85% water.

An interesting property of water is to be able to "store" information; as is the case with silicon. Since all life on earth is built on frequencies, and every object can also be assigned its own frequency, water also absorbs information in the form of frequencies. Not only graduate physicist Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Ludwig has pointed out this fact.

The fact that frequencies can directly affect the crystalline structure of water was documented by the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto in an impressive way. Even if from "official side" his works are still very controversial, the pictures speak clearly for themselves. Dr. Masaru Emoto has caused with his research work that many people now look at this element with different eyes. Through him and his collaborators, the power of thought and the influence of frequencies (music, electrosmog, etc.) on water has been confirmed. Water crystal pictures with music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart speak for themselves.

When we consume polluted water, we create - often over the course of many years - a basis for illness or weakened health. In this context, it is of course interesting to mention that water can be influenced, as positive frequencies can be subsequently re-imprinted into it; as with our tachyonized Energy Cards.

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