from the roll of fate ... to self-responsibility

Are you offended, disappointed or bitter? Do you find it difficult to forget and forgive? Do you always find yourself raging about your "unjust" fate? Why me, why always me? Do you feel unfairly treated by fate or by another person? Perhaps you also have thoughts of revenge, of getting back at this person or fighting against fate with all the means at your disposal and with a grudge in your heart. Do you also spoil the lives of others with your bad mood?

The Bach flower essence Willow will help you to let go of all your troublesome feelings. The Bach flower Willow gives you real feelings of happiness again and a joyful, affirmative attitude to life. They realize that the world in which they live has a meaningful order; that everything, even seemingly negative events, have a purpose and only serve to support them in their development towards higher dimensions.

They learn to trust life.

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