In recent years, holistic medicine has made an enormous leap forward: finally, an effective yet gentle method of health care has been found that can help people cope better with various health problems !

EFT was developed in 1995 by Gary Graig, an engineer and visionary from sunny California who was not satisfied with the success of previous treatments for emotional distress symptoms. After decades of intense searching, he found what he had been looking for. A very gentle self-help method that is very easy for anyone to learn, designed to transform distressing negative feelings painlessly, quickly and without side effects.

The results I personally experienced at the day seminar with Dr. Reto Wyss (Swiss Center for EFT and Energy Psychology) amazed me VERY much. In my many years of working in the field of holistic medicine, I have already experienced a lot; but what I was able to experience here, mmmmh ...

Do you have 7 minutes and 10 seconds? Then watch the introductory video of EFT founder Gary Craig.

For those who don't speak English, ... the entertaining video has German subtitles.

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