The term "radiesthesia" was defined by the French priest Mermet Bouly de Hardelot-Plage in 1930. Radiesthesia is a Latin/Greek word combination (radius = ray and aisthesis = perceive, feel): literally translated ray perception.

I use the pendulum and the dowsing rod to check the building land, apartments, houses and work places for possible geopathic interference zones such as:

>• electrosmog
>• water veins, Hartmann-Grid, Curry-Grid, Fault-Lines, Ley-Lines ...
>• and other disturbance zones

With the help of radiesthesia, I test (by appointment) in my store, on request, energetic products that can help to remove energetic blockages:

>• Aura-Soma
>• Bach flowers
>• Tachyon products
>• BioGenesis products

How I try to help you

To positively stimulate your health or well-being (physical, mental ... private or professional) I primarily apply my decades of experience as a dowser. The consultation practically always runs according to the following pattern.

1) You tell me what issue you want to address ...
2) I prepare myself ...
3) then I look for three data representing the cause of your issue ...
4) I search (still with the pendulum) for the suitable recipe ...
5) I give you detailed information (verbal & written) concerning the recipe ...

6) dumbfounded, you ask me the question: "but, how do you know ?" ...... ;-)

I am convinced that most of the problems that throw us off balance are due to emotional (conscious and unconscious) experiences ... and that the unconscious and undigested experiences manifest an imbalance both emotional and physical; experiences that revolve (in para-physical form) around our bodies and are omnipresent in our etheric bodies ... and which in turn have a tangible impact on our three subtle levels (mind, body, spirit).

For good reason, I am convinced that we depend on "emotional recipes" to be able to optimally transform unpleasant emotional experiences.

My favorite "recipes" to offer help are:

>• Aura-Soma essences
>• Tachyon products
>• BioGenesis products
>• Bachflower essences

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