For several years, a distressing feeling manifested itself in the region of the spleen, which had the habit of coming "without reason" and going "without reason". The whole affair had begun after the consumption of perch fillets whose expiration date had been overused.

The finding of a doctor was that the blood values clearly showed that I had a severe alcohol problem and absolutely had to do something about it. ???? He refused to accept the fact that I might drink a glass of wine every two weeks and ordered me to have a closer examination at a nearby hospital IMMEDIATELY. In this hospital the young ward physician advised me that I should have my spleen removed (I don't need it anyway) and that I should stop drinking.

OK ! .... Let's get out of the hospital: thought done. After great protests from the ward physician, I left the ICU barely three hours after my admission.

The follow-up check by my family doctor (who was on vacation during my hospital stay) showed that the deputy doctor had analyzed the blood values incorrectly. Mmmmh ...

Back to the EFT seminar: after a single EFT treatment by the seminar instructor, the uncomfortable pain in the region of the spleen was gone! And it continues to this day.

Not to mention what happened to 14 of the 15 people in attendance: they were all able to "tap" their sense of pain (whether physical or emotional) to virtually zero within a very short time.

Once again, a seminar that went absolutely brilliant !!!

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