According to information from occultism (hidden, concealed, secret), the physical body is permeated both outside and inside by invisible subtle energies, which can be perceived by clairvoyant persons without problems. The most subtle of these bodies is the so-called etheric body, also called aura. In this aura, in case of cancer, a crab-like elemental (entity) can be perceived by clairvoyant persons.

Even if practically all doctors assume that the word "cancer" comes from the fact that the malignant ulcers have tentacles and "cling" to the tissue, it seems to be more the case that the name for this "disease" is rather due to the fact that in earlier times people were significantly more sensitive, subtle and intuitive than is the case today.

Small note: this interpretation was published for the first time in 1953 in the book "The Boy who saw true".

And, as already mentioned: every shaman and every other clairvoyant, clairsentient person confirms you this statement and adds that actually ALL diseases are "nursed" by aggressive elementals.

Shamans not only try to cure the disease, but specialize in "dissolving" unwanted elementals.

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