Cup of light and manifestation

On July 31, 2023, I once again had the pleasure of personally experiencing a QHHT seance. During this journey, which again took me to past lives, I saw myself in a scene sitting in the lotus position in a hemispherical "hut" on a carpet decorated with the symbol of the "Chalice of Light". At the same time I was wearing a white himation; the kind of clothing worn in ancient Greece. To my great surprise I had a very large, very muscular and tanned body ;-)

Inside the plain "hut" there were no objects; its semicircular opening was directed toward Sirius. The "hut" was located on a high mountain. The whole area was very densely overgrown with beautiful flowers and plants. I felt as if I were in a jungle. The view was wonderful; sensational. In the far distance I saw a very large lagoon, white beach and a turquoise sea.

I experienced a feeling of absolute calm, peace, abundance and harmony. Cool ;-)

Totem Animals

As I looked around my "hut," I spotted a tanchozuru, the sacred Japanese crane, to the front right of the exit. To my left was a jaguar and in my back was a gecko. These power animals played an important role in the later course of the session.

Curious as I am, I found out a few days later about the meaning of these power animals. Just to say this much: the correspondence with the theme I wanted to solve in this QHHT seance was totally surprising ;-)

Cup of light and manifestation

During this QHHT seance, my Higher Self told me how to use the symbol of the "Chalice of Light" ... and that I "may" share this information with other people.

In the lower part of this symbol, which may look like a light bulb, you can mentally project information into it; such as health, success, peace, etc.).

Please imagine that it is a three-dimensional object made of pure gold. Furthermore, you can imagine a small plasma sphere inside this "chalice", which consists of the pulsating colors of the rainbow (similar to a soap bubble). You project the affirmation(s) mentally into this small sphere.

Projection / Ritual

Then imagine how this "cup" slowly turns in front of your forehead. The rounded part always remains at the bottom, and the three lines, which are in reality three discs, always at the top. While spinning, continue to project the chosen affirmation into the "chalice", into the plasma sphere that has all knowledge.

At this point I will give you an example: Assuming you want to realize a very concrete project, you mentally transmit into the plasma sphere inside the "chalice" the words: "Success with project X".

Then you (mentally) take the "chalice" in your hands (physically move your hands for this, even if it may seem a bit strange to you), hold it up with both hands (above your head) and speak (in your mind) the following sentence: "I dedicate the project X to the well-being of all beings!"

Still holding the chalice up, visualize that thousands and thousands of golden rays are spreading from it into the universe and into all galaxies. Then bring the "chalice" to the level of your heart and " guide" it "into" your body ... and let it rest there.

Ritual with water

At the end of this sequence of the QHHT seance, it was informed that I can make small cards with this symbol; if I feel like it.

With this small card water can be informed ... and this as follows: Take the laminated small card in both hands and focus on the "belly" of the cup. Then project a word, such as health, into it. Imagine how the word is now legible in the "belly". Take a little time for this (about one minute, or even more).

Then place a glass of fresh water or a carafe of fresh water on the informed card. Wait about 5 minutes and then drink from this informed water. Fill up the glass or pitcher with fresh water from time to time.

Good luck !!!

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