from inner turmoil ... to inner balance

Sclerantus helps people to make decisions, promotes concentration and has a balancing effect on a mental, emotional and physical level. Take Sclerantus if you are often plagued by doubts when making decisions. If you hesitate and are unable to decide for yes or for no, as both ways seem possible to you.

You are a person who looks at things from several angles and can always imagine another option. However, this constant back and forth between two options can manifest itself in a lack of concentration, energetic instability or violent mood swings, which can develop into manic-depressive psychosis. Sclerantus helps you to achieve an energetic balance in all extreme fluctuations, such as alternating between hunger and loss of appetite, constipation and diarrhea, activity and lethargy.

Skin irritations that come and go and react to emotional imbalance such as skin spots, itching, eczema and warts often react positively to Sclerantus. Other areas of application for Sclerantus include insomnia in shift workers. Thanks to Sclerantus, the body adapts better to the constantly changing sleeping and waking times. In the case of jet lag, Sclerantus helps the body to adjust more quickly to the new time zone.

As Sclerantus also has a balancing effect on the body's equilibrium system, it helps with nausea in cars, boats and airplanes. Vomiting during pregnancy can be alleviated by Sclerantus.

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