Probably the best-known source of interference in the workplace is also one of the most important work tools: the PC monitor. It is not just the electromagnetic spectrum of a flat screen that has a negative impact on our bodies, but also its backlighting. Like the light from fluorescent tubes, this is generated by gas discharge.

Modern flat screens produce a discontinuous spectrum that contains unnatural short-wave blue components (blue, indigo, violet) with sharp energy peaks as well as low energy in the blood circulation-promoting red range. This "blue light" is more refractive than red light and is focused in our eyes at a different level than long-wave light components, which leads to color fringing and blurring.

Light sources with a high blue component put a strain on the hormone balance, as the release of melatonin production is reduced and promotes the formation of stress hormones such as cortisol and ACTH. The fact that hormonal imbalances promote diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, immune and metabolic disorders, cancer, diabetes etc. is probably well known to everyone today.

Although the colors blue and violet have been medically proven to have a calming effect on the nervous system, headaches, blood pressure and all types of inflammation, I would like to mention the opinion of Theophrastus Bombast von Hohenheim:

"Everything is poison. Only the dose makes a thing not a poison."

From a biophysical point of view, the frequencies of blue and violet are calming. However, if I as a person am exposed to this frequency over a longer period of time, it has a counterproductive effect. The nervous system becomes irritated, the eyes become irritated, the entire chest area and all internal organs react irritably. And as the last link in this chain, our emotions react. We are irritated and don't know how to solve this problem. And to relax, we "unwind" at home in front of another screen: the TV screen.

Another job that is primarily performed by female employees also often leads to various physical ailments: Cashier. On the one hand, this type of job is exposed to pathogens such as microbes, bacteria and viruses on a daily basis, whether through accepting cash and paper money or shaking hands; on the other hand, these workplaces are often small, cramped and hectic and dependent on electronic devices.

According to various scientific studies, one- and two-euro coins are extremely harmful for nickel allergy sufferers. Although the coins contain less than 25 percent nickel, they release large quantities of the heavy metal ... and nickel triggers various chemical reactions on contact with sweat from the palms of the hands.

In various test series, nickel allergy sufferers had coins stuck to their skin. After two to three days, strong skin reactions were observed. A health risk only exists with direct and permanent skin contact with the coins and therefore people such as bank employees, cashiers or employees of vending machine services are particularly affected.

Strange, strange ... because apparently a ban was issued in the EU in 2001 that prohibits nickel-releasing alloys in jewelry.

The checkout itself is only one part of the whole. The artificial lighting and air conditioning in the rooms make things worse. The buzzwords "Sick Building Syndrome" and "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity" are used to describe complaints with business and economic consequences running into billions: A burden not only for those affected, but also for the economy!

Have you ever thought about the enormous forces that medical technicians are exposed to on a daily basis? Even if the picture on the right may seem artificial, people who have dedicated themselves to this profession can tell you a thing or two about how they feel after a day's work. It is therefore not surprising that since the introduction of the AURA Shield, many employees of clinics/hospitals have become my customers.

Most of us make our first contact with electrosmog via our radio alarm clock or smartphone ... then with the first text messages sent ... then perhaps with the microwave. For many people, this continues on the way to work, if they are dependent on public transport. Admittedly, it may sound a little exaggerated, but for millions of people this is part of their "daily routine".

The electrical and electromagnetic fields to which travelers are repeatedly exposed should not be underestimated either.

In line with the motto "Constant dripping wears away the stone", you can assume that your body will react to such influences sooner or later. And let's not forget the people who drive these vehicles. Locomotive drivers in particular are exposed to radiation that really packs a punch.

Why don't you ask your circle of acquaintances?

People who live next to bus or streetcar lines have significantly poorer sleep. However, this is not only due to the possible noise, but clearly to the electromagnetic fields that spread effortlessly over the airwaves. The tachyonized GOLD*CHIP Disc is an excellent product for protection against such lines.

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