The emergency drops are a Bach flower mixture of five different flower essences. It is the only mixture that Dr. Bach himself put together. No household should be without Bach Flower Emergency Drops, and they are particularly useful for children.

The following five Bach flower essences are contained in the Bach Flower Emergency Drops:

Star of Bethlehem
for emotional processing of an unpleasant situation or a shocking experience

Rock Rose
against extreme anxiety and feelings of panic

against restlessness, nervousness, mental stress

Cherry Plum
against mental overpressure, the fear of losing control, hysteria

against mental absence that can occur before fainting

As the name "emergency drops" suggests, these drops are for emergencies and should not be taken over a longer period of time or used as a permanent Bach flower remedy. The possible uses of the emergency drops are extremely varied:

>• before and after operations
>• for sudden illnesses
>• in the event of shocking news
>• when you are mentally/emotionally upset
>• after all accidents and shocking experiences
>• before and after unpleasant or stressful conversations
>• before exams, job interviews, divorce hearings, etc.
>• with great fear of visits to the doctor or dentist, injections, infusions, etc.

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