from apparent harmony ... to inner peace

For the jovial, cheerful and humorous people who love peace and suffer from differences of opinion and disputes. They are prepared to give up a lot to avoid such unpleasantness. They generally hide their difficulties and their inner and outer restlessness behind a mask of humor and wit and are therefore very popular.

However, they often turn to alcohol or drugs in excess to stimulate themselves and thus help themselves overcome their difficulties with cheerfulness.

Possible physical symptoms: Tension and tightness, hair pulling, nail biting, nervous skin irritations, sleeping and eating disorders, overwork, constipation, etc.

Potential effect of this flower: Helps to gain inner strength and sufficient steadfastness for everyday problems. One no longer represses negative experiences, consciously deals with them and can thus overcome them. Agrimony supports naturalness and honesty. You become more open and relaxed and dare to face unpleasant situations. Agrimony helps to achieve inner depth and acceptance. In a positive state, you recognize the relativity of all problems and no longer look for the solution on the outside but find it on the inside.

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