Coincidence ?

But there is no such thing as coincidence!

That may be your opinion. I respect your opinion.

On the other hand, I'm convinced that Coincidence exists! Everything I can pronounce exists... whether in the world of my thoughts or in my physical world. For me, Coincidence is a lightful and smiling entity just waiting to get in touch with us. The idea behind this auric spray is to invite Coincidence into your daily life.

Ingredients and keywords

Hausmannite (mineral-essence) : metamorphosis, grounding, dissolving fears, manifestation, protection, clarity, security.

Buchu oil (essential oil, bio) : protection against unwanted "parasites", provides good advice, enhances perception.

Saffron: transmits good mood, protection against unwanted "parasites", antidepressant.

Borosilicate beads (tachyonized) : purification of the aura, detoxification, mental clarity.

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