from influenceability ... to inner strength

Walnut is the flower for new beginnings. After drastic changes in life, such as a career change, retirement, divorce, relocation or the occurrence of an unexpected event, physical or hormonal changes such as puberty, pregnancy, menopause, etc., Walnut helps to make the breakthrough to a new phase of life easier to cope with.

Walnut helps people to remain true to their goals in life. This person is unbiased and open to new things. Walnut gives this person the certainty that they can follow their path. Influences from the outside world (also from parents, teachers, partners, strong personalities, etc.) lose their power; people trust their own inner voice again.

Walnut helps someone who has already made an inner decision to take the last step towards new freedom, to release the last shackles. Walnut also helps terminally ill people to make a peaceful transition into new existences.

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