The current situation on our planet, be it from an ecological, political or religious point of view, has prompted me to send a "request for help" on March 21, 2016:

I would like to be given a complex symbol that helps us to initiate solution processes by harmonizing the cause of any problem. This symbol should then be usable for a new product line and have a similar potential as the AURA*Shield does.

In order to be optimally prepared for this task, I chose the ATLAS-Sticks. These two borosilicate wands represent the highest vibrating energetic product in our range and are predestined to "receive information" from the spiritual world.

After I had tuned in with the ATLAS-Sticks, I was soon overcome by a pleasant tiredness. As I was about to fall asleep - still my thoughts were fixed on the topic - I was awakened by a loud bang and at the same time the following symbol appeared:

While half asleep I wrote down this symbol on a piece of paper and then lay down to sleep a little disappointed. Disappointed, because I hoped to channel a symbol that was as "complex" as possible.

This disappointment, however, gave way the next morning in deepest humility, because I experienced first-hand how often we no longer see the forest from the trees.

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