I was inspired to make the Rainbow medallions at the end of September 2022. A little voice in my right ear asked me: "What do you think of the idea of adding "numerological codes" to a series of tachyon pendants that convey clear information to the wearer?"

Cool, I thought to myself. And in no time at all, the first two amulets were drawn. The dots engraved on the medallion represent letters. The first medallion that I was allowed to design bears the French affirmation: "J'ai foi en moi", which - translated into German - means "I have faith in myself". The second medallion I designed bears the affirmation: "Tout est possible", which translated into German means "Everything is possible".

During the design process, further affirmations were created, which were not based on letter codes, but on symbols. Thanks for the inspiration ;-)

"My" original idea was to make these pendants from brass. For various reasons, however, the realization was not so easy. Probably for good reason ;-)

Because my more than 25 years of experience in the development of tachyon products has shown me time and again that it is often relatively easy for me to get inspiration for a new product ....-B- but it is a completely different matter to implement it.

Fortunately, I can always count on the help and support of valued friends. In this case, I would like to thank Armin in particular, who, thanks to his enormous expertise in glass and metal, is an almost inexhaustible source of ideas and often makes it possible to realize even very specific customer requests. Merci !

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>• Médaillon * I have confidence in myself
>• Médaillon * Everything is possible
>• Médaillon * Raising consciousness
>• Médaillon * Restore free will
>• Médaillon * Saint Germain
>• Médaillon * I AM