Diary entry of June 1:

Mother's friend, MIss Croft, who lives in Southport, had us picked up in her carriage today to keep her company at lunch. She is very rich and has a waiter, although my mother told me that men employed in a private household are not waiters but butlers. I asked my mother why we didn't have a butler. Because they are too expensive, was her reply. Miss Croft has a face the color of a kidney fat cake and speaks very slowly, swallowing the initial letters. I thought that only simple people did this. Something like a crab is stuck to her. It looks gruesome and gives me goosebumps. MIss Croft has a wonderful music box. She allowed me to wind the tin after dinner and it played many tunes. (the unfortunate MIss Croft died of cancer about 18 months later).

In a well-mannered, but never in an inauthentic way, he describes his daily experiences, which revolve more and more around "occult" things.

Thus, he sees the aura of people and can already tell a lot about them on the basis of this, he perceives spirit beings and communicates regularly with his (deceased) grandfather and his spirit guide, who also appear to him visually.

The young diarist, clairvoyant from birth, does not realize that his abilities are a special gift. He wonders when his sister does not see the "lights" (aura) around other people. It is incomprehensible to him why he is punished when he reports about his comrades, the elves and dwarves.

"The Boy with who saw true" is the wonderful diary of a young boy (born October 7) from England growing up in the late 19th century. This book is filled with heartbreak, effervescent situational comedy and deep wisdom.

Edited by Cyril Scott

ISBN 978-0846442042 * English edition
ISBN 978-3894275907 * German edition

Cyril Scott was a well-known and successful composer. He composed about 400 works. His "greatest" work remained discreet for a long time, as it was not published under his name:

The Initiate: Volume 1 * Impressions of a Great Soul
The Initiate: Volume 2 * In the New World
The Initiate: Volume 3 * In the Dark Cycle

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